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Photo: Lucas Brandhoff, tax advisor Photo: Lucas Brandhoff, tax advisor

Would you like to apply for a tax refund, even though you have never received a letter from the tax authorities?


Are you worried because you have never filed a tax return or because you are unsure whether you are eligible for a tax refund?


We help you to solve these problems in a quick and uncomplicated manner.


Firstly, we figure out whether a tax refund for the year in question is still possible at all. In a next step, we check your income and review potential tax deductibles.


After this, we give you an estimate on the potential amount of the refund and the expenses related to applying for it. Thus you will be able to take a safe and easy decision on whether it even makes sense to let us compile your tax return and file it. And that’s all there is to it.


We keep track of deadlines, tax assessments, objections, due dates of payments and refunds (even of prepayments) for you and always inform you in time 


via phone, fax, e-mail, text message or smartphone-app.


Do you belong to the group of people for whom filing a tax return is mandatory, such as married couples with tax categories 3/5, landlords, tradesmen and many others?


In this case, letting a tax consultant compile your tax return has the advantage that the due date for filing it is automatically deferred by a full 7 months to 12 months. Thus you have more time to prepare your tax return and repay taxes.


Are you uncertain whether the amount of your current tax prepayments is correct? Or have your health insurance premiums not been adapted for quite some time?


We also help you find solutions to these problems quickly.


Firstly, we review your last tax assessment. Then we get an overview of your current income, enabling us to determine whether your income-related prepayments or premiums are in the correct amount. And that’s all there is to it.


All above-mentioned services of checking are not only available for your annual income tax return. We apply the principles cited above to all kinds of tax returns, including those for corporate tax (especially for associations as well as private limited companies in the planning stage), gift tax (often applicable when monetary gifts are bestowed within the family),

value-added tax (in most cases, this already has to be paid on a monthly basis once an enterprise has been founded).


In the future, do not let taxes surprise you any longer. If you are well prepared, a tax return will no longer pose a problem for you anymore.


I enjoy assisting you with this and I am looking forward to our appointment:


Lucas Brandhoff, tax advisor

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